The beauty of a forever rose

When you are about to order flowers online in Dubai, having a rose forever is an adorable thought. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with warm temperatures year round, having a rose forever is a distinct possibility.

Growing roses consumes time and requires a lot of effort. They also have a short shelf life after they’re cut. However, if you wish to have a forever rose in Dubai, roses that are hand-crafted from crystal, gold, silver, and porcelain are always an option.

Transformation of the rose flower from the wild plant to the 30,000 and above varieties that exist today is quite remarkable. These amazing specimens had the title of “a rose forever,” as it’s a flower that has been around for some 35 million years. Historically, and even today roses are divided into two groups by the experts: roses that were cultivated in Europe prior to 1800 called ‘old roses,’ and the ones cultivated in England and France around the turn of the 19th century are called ‘modern roses.’ The only color of roses that existed until the beginning of the 19th century was different shades of pink and white. China, in 1800, introduced the first red rose. Then appear the green roses, a few decades later. In 1900, yellow roses became part of the color palette accidentally discovered by Frenchman Joseph Permet-Ducher. He had been cultivating roses for twenty years and had searched for yellow roses but in vain. While in a field one day, he came across a mutant yellow flower and as a result, both yellow and orange roses have existed ever since. Rose forever of yellow color is a symbol of joy and gladness because Mr. Permet-Ducher likely had these feelings following his discovery.

Gifts tend to come and go every holiday or occasion, each year but the gift of a rose forever is truly a reality, given the different materials roses can be purchased in. Roses, of any color, have always been given to express a particular sentiment be it the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome or the modern times we are in today, roses immensely express feelings of love.

A rose forever is matchless in its beauty and can be chosen in a variety of materials and colors. You can order them online, choosing the one to surely depict your feelings for the occasion or person you are sending them to.

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