Facts and Stats of Websites

According to the top SEO company services, websites have become a vital element for any business and if your business lacks a website, then it will take a lot of time for your business to boost. Now a days, people want to see the website first before they actually visit an office. Websites have become a virtual presentation of a company.

Software house’s no.1 business service is making the best web designs and the website efficiency matters a lot. According to the best web design agency in Abu Dhabi, if your website is not working in the most optimized way, then Google will not rank your website.

So, having a website does not mean your work is done – you need to make sure that your website is working in best functional way. If you are about to have a website then we suggest that you see some our stats and facts of websites, just so you get a good idea of how a website should be.

You will be surprised to know that businesses spend so much on their marketing, especially on their paid digital marketing; it was estimated in 2021 that 240 billion dollars were spent in 2020 to 2021 February for promoting a website via ads. And make sure that your website is responsive because it is was estimated and survey in 2017 that 63% of the people see the website on mobile phones, so it means that in this year, 2021, the percentage must have been increased.

Video ads are now changing the history of the ads. Because people want to read less and see more. And videos also should be in a way that they should be short and precise. If you promote these videos, it is surveyed that the conversion rate will be approx. 32%. Facebook has become the king of advertising because Facebook survey showed that 5760000 ads are promoted each day and businesses get 9 times more leads as compared to ads run on google or different social media platforms or search engines.

There is another way of advertising and becoming famous and that is by blogging. It is estimated that 6.2 million blogs are updated every day from across the globe. And some people have become a living legend with the help of blogging.

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